Bodhisattva Mastery Training

Level One : Liberation in Divine Love

Begin the Process of Clearing the Physical and Subtle Body of Negative Influences!

Paramahansa Jagadish will show to start working with the physical and subtle bodies, the foundation of relative existence. The goal is to get a body correctly integrated and energetically in flow by opening up and improving its ability to ground out negative content as it opens to receive the Divine Energy. Participants learn a proven system for grounding and connecting to Earth and Sky. For those attending, Paramahansa Jagadish will clear blocks, opening up the bodies and their channels to facilitate this level of work. Reviewed in this training is the importance of cultivating virtues and self-awareness, the causes of suffering, ethical awareness, and the need for daily committed spiritual practice.

Level Two: Entrance Into The Divine Life!

Paramahansa Jagadish lays out an intensive program of training to help seekers and students to prepare for living on a higher dimension of life, one where your are engaged with the Divine, the cosmos, the Earth, the elements and all life on the planet in an ongoing dance of engagement, alignment and unfoldment. The program includes.

  • Embodiment: Training to Clear The Intuitive System
  • Ancestral Healing Training: In this training students do intensive ancestral healing geared towards creating luminaries in each of one’s ancestral lines. People are given a practice to continue the Ancestral Healing at home
  • The Five Elements
    • The Kingdoms
    • The Planets
    • The 13 Virtues
    • Ho’oponopono Training: The ancient Hawaiian art of taking responsibility for everything that occurs on one’s life and clearing all of the obstacles to health, relationships and life achievement success.