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We often experience our own personal suffering in isolation, without support or compassion from others and many times without hope. Believing we are on our own we are left to rely on our own limited, egocentric solutions. This is not just true of individuals; it can also be true of a community or even a nation.

We have lost sight of the reasons for our suffering and fail to recognize the suffering we create in others and to this earth by our selfish actions, as well as our selfish inactivity. We feel lost at times and alone - forgetting the luminous vastness of our inner world, the world of spirit --- so richly abundant with infinite potential.

In this present global society, the founding principle is an egocentric mindset in which survival is seen as dependent upon the mass consumption of material goods by which we try to supply and satisfy our insatiable and ever-increasing desires. This is true as individuals and as nations. When we are no longer satisfied with what we already have, we return to a state of craving as the cyclic pattern of trying to fill the emptiness felt deep within continues.

These cravings pollute our minds with agitated and extraneous thoughts; they pollute the body and senses with excessive indulgence; and they pollute the earth and the air we breathe with unwarranted increases in manufacturing, processing and packaging, not to mention the pollutions caused by massive distribution of goods...all in the hope of satisfying our personal desires.


To maintain this consumption machine, Earth is but a resource factory, man is but a maker and consumer of goods, and God is but our wish fulfiller and deliverer of worldly desires packaged in the form of things, pleasures and successes. We cannot deny the affect this has on each and every one of us. And when viewed on a planetary scale it appears as the root cause of the rapid and progressive destruction of the environment.

Many ancient traditions are grounded in the belief that life belongs to and is manifest from a single creative and intelligent force or being, on which all existence is dependent for life. We may embrace this truth on an intellectual level, but few have experienced this truth on a deeper spiritual level. We can see the lack of this realization reflected in the current state of the world. We strive after and are attached to material things that have a built-in obsolescence, rather than what is authentic and eternal and what is the very ground of our being.

Evolve The Planet Foundation’s aspiration is to open the door on a new way of living and offer individuals a chance to view the world with clarity, wisdom and discernment; through hearts opened by loving-kindness and deep compassion. Through understanding the real nature of the Mind in relationship to the Spirit we learn to embrace a truer wisdom by which we may live our lives humbly and selflessly, serving Divinity in Loving Devotion for the greater good of all.