[[ Evolve The Planet Foundation has been dissolved, however for now, I want to keep the website up per chance it might inspire you. ]]

The Evolve the Planet Foundation is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to the raising of consciousness on matters of personal, spiritual and environmental ecology while providing the circumstances for the creation of the next generations' Illuminated Teachers and Spiritual Leaders. 

The Divine Love Transmission

The Evolve the Planet Foundation is proud to present our global philanthropic service The Divine Love Transmission, a powerful weekly live transmission of Divine Light, Divine Energy, and Divine Love given by Jagadish Dass. Viewers feel confident knowing they are playing a vital role in helping to uplift the consciousness of humanity. The Divine Love Transmission is accessible to all internet users globally, as well as via dial-in phone conference in select regions.

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The Change we want in the outer world needs first to occur in our inner world. As we clean our ‘inner’ ecology, we will see that same cleansing naturally manifest in the ‘outer world’.
— Paramahansa Jagadish, Founder

Our Mission

Evolve The Planet Foundation has taken on an ambitious endeavor, embarking on a bold effort founded on time honored and proven principles and practices established in the Rasik Tradition and compatible insights from other great spiritual traditions.

Our focus is on that which is sustainable from an eco-spiritual view, becoming fully conscious of the intimate connections and intricate inter-dependencies existing between living organisms and their environment and acting in ways that preserves and enriches, but does not exploit them.

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About Paramahansa Jagadish

Paramahansa Jagadish is an empowered lineage holder of a rare sacred yogic tradition of India. He is blessed with astounding gifts and abilities. Participants experience powerful healing energies & upliftment into states of unconditional love, spiritual illumination and divine love.

Having experienced enlightenment at the tender age of 4, at 17 Jagadish was initiated into the Holy Sound Current of God by the renowned immortal Mahavatar Babaji. His own self-transformation came through over 48 years of concentrated spiritual practice rooted in Yoga, Hinduism, Hawaiian Spirituality, Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, and Mystic Christianity. Jagadish is a Lineage Holder of several of these traditions and has the deepest respect for all true spiritual paths.

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Teachings and Programs

Jagadish's dear Mother shares her support for Evolve the Planet Foundation

Jagadish's dear Mother shares her support for Evolve the Planet Foundation

We place a high value on the individual’s ability and birthright to evolve spiritually, offering a diverse array of teachings and programs that are applicable to today's modern life and for following a deeper dedicated path of Loving Devotion to GOD that spiritualizes and purifies both the senses and understanding to:

  • Shed that which obstructs us from realizing Self

  • Share company with others on a sincere loving path to God

  • Offer selfless service and become loving, wise stewards of the land...this living earth

  • Fulfill our divine aspirations for Liberation in Loving Devotion to God

  • Experience a direct tangible relationship with the Divine and know God’s Loving Embrace

  • Celebrate God and all the great Siddhas, Saints and Avadhuts who have Realized and serve Divinity


To celebrate the founding of Evolve the Planet, membership is currently free and open to the public. One of the main incentives of becoming a member includes access to the weekly Global Divine Love Transmission, led by Paramahansa Jagadish.

When you become a member of Evolve the Planet, you're lending a hand in one of the most monumental efforts in human history. Remember, Evolve the Planet is a 501C-3 not for profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible. 

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God, I humbly ask for your blessings to purify my psycho-physical field of body, mind, & soul, and restore me to my natural condition of Love, Peace, Joy and Wisdom!
— Paramahansa Jagadish