About Evolve the Planet

Having been given this precious human life, we all have an ideal opportunity to fulfill the soul's deepest aspiration of finding total completion in God and in service to Humanity. The time is now ripe to bring about greater awareness. A "New Legacy" if you will, bequeathed to us by divine inheritance, embodying a way of life, which is spiritually and ecologically balanced. To become responsible and benevolent stewards of this nurturing mother, our earth. It is the mission and purpose of Evolve the Planet Foundation to help pave the way for this vision.


Evolve The Planet Foundation is dedicated to the raising of consciousness on matters of personal, spiritual and environmental ecology while providing the circumstances for the creation of the next generations' Illuminated Teachers and Spiritual Leaders. We invite you all to join us in the new evolution of enlightened beings. May we all be motivated by loving-kindness and compassion to act together to promote dynamic evolution and to benefit of all living beings.

Rooted in the Rasik Tradition Evolve the Planet Foundation offers spiritual seekers and advanced practitioners a way to transform the inner ecologies of their psyches, thereby engendering powerful natural expressions of ecological living. We endeavor to provide all sincere participants methods based on sacred and illuminated teachings, trainings, and transmissions that are imbued with the Loving Grace of God and that provide the fertile ground and optimal conditions necessary to attain Liberation in Love of God and to experience, as a result, blissful, direct interaction with The Divine.


This goal is organically cultivated and naturally accomplished in an environment conducive to engaging in spiritual discipline. Evolve The Planet Foundation was created to facilitate this process, beginning on an individual level and moving on through our centers to teachers and students and eventually to the consciousness of the world at large.

It is one of ETPF's primary goals to establish a retreat center for those seeking spiritual wisdom and guidance and to create a private sanctuary for dedicated practitioners to come to perform intensive devotional spiritual practice (Bhajan Sadhana).  From among such practitioners will arise the next generation of illuminated Siddhas, Saints and Spiritual Leaders.