Divine Love Transmission

Members of Evolve the Planet receive access to our global philanthropic service The Divine Love Transmission, a powerful weekly live transmission of Divine Light, Divine Energy, and Divine Love given by Paramahansa Jagadish. Members also feel confident knowing they are playing a vital role in helping to uplift the consciousness of humanity. The Divine Love Transmission is accessible to all internet users globally, as well as via dial-in phone conference in select regions.
The Divine Love Transmission gives members of Evolve the Planet a weekly opportunity to receive Divine Love while meditating in the comfort of your own home/work, creating a space in your heart for spiritual evolution. Jagadish prepares members via an in-depth group meditation, prayer, inspiration to cultivate virtues, and Sacred Energy Healing.  The psycho-physical field of body, mind, soul becomes cleansed, balanced and opened for appropriate capacity to accept and hold the Divine Love Transmission. 

Kindly spread the news to friends, family and community members.