12 Ashrams

The Evolve the Planet Foundation is excited to announce our plan to establish six Retreat Centers (Ashrams) around the world, to aid in our effort to uplift the consciousness of the planet and its array of sentient beings. Each Center will serve as an opportunity for us to be of service, teach, and offer a curated spiritual retreat. These 6 Retreat Centers will be located in Europe, Hawaii, the East and West coast of the United States, Mexico, and Argentina. In the future, we aim to establish 6 more Retreat Centers in South India, North India, East India, other parts of Europe, Canada, and the Mid-West portion of the United States. 

From the time the first one is established, Jagadish and the community will be able to live, learn, and practice together in the deep way he has wanted all his life.  

It will be within the container of these Retreat Center(s) that our goal of providing the circumstances for the creation of the next generations' Illuminated Teachers and Spiritual Leaders will be joyously accomplished.