Evolve The Planet Foundation activities include:

  • Establishing retreats centers that offer clinics, workshops, seminars, and private consultations to all spiritual seekers and those in need.

  • Creating within the retreat centers sanctuaries and resident centers for sincere and dedicated practitioners to engage in extensive spiritual training under Paramahansa Jagadish's guidance.

  • Providing the necessary support, education and programs to advanced practitioners who will become our next generation of illuminated spiritual leaders, educators and thinkers.

  • Publishing books and articles on Sacred Ecology, the Rasik Spiritual Tradition, the Lives of the Saints, and on living Healthier, Happier, and Holier lives.

  • Offering as a community service to the world, Free Sacred Divine Love Transmission, Teachings and Spiritual Healing.

  • Bringing to the public, community outreach programs that become a catalyst for raising human consciousness on the matters of personal and global ecology and the natural, spontaneous practice of loving-kindness and compassion.


  • Working within the community through volunteer programs that support ecologically sound practices and services that embody loving regard to those in need, especially the senior, children, and animal populations.

  • Incorporating ecologically sound principles and practices into the operations of the centers and corporate offices that support the objectives of the non-profit and work to enhance the lives of those involved with Evolve The Planet Foundation.

  • Conducting fund-raising activities for the acquisition of land and buildings for the retreat centers, as well as other life-benefiting community services.