About Jagadish

Paramahansa Jagadish is an American Sadhu who lived in India in the 1970”s & 80’s with his Spiritual Master Gurudev Siddha Mouni Baba Avadhut & a group of Saintly Babajis while engaged in intensive 24/7 spiritual practice. Having experienced enlightenment at the tender age of 4, at 17 Jagadish was initiated into the Holy Sound Current of God by the renowned immortal Mahavatar Babaji. His own self-transformation came through over 48 years of concentrated spiritual practice rooted in Yoga, Hinduism, Hawaiian Spirituality, Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, and Mystic Christianity. Jagadish is a Lineage Holder of several of these traditions and has the deepest respect for all true spiritual paths.

The choices we have in life are many. Among them all, it is difficult to decide where to focus our attention. What do we want to accomplish in life? The wise focus their attention to things that are eternal. One can come to understand and develop an experiential faith in the fundamental truth that a life lived in God and service to humanity is a life well lived.
— Paramahansa Jagadish